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Mount EXT4 devices on your Mac (read only)

If you have ext4 formatted Harddrive (like the external Devices you have formatted on your Synology) you will not be able to access the Files by just plugin in the HDD to your Mac. The easiest way to fix this is with Fuse and ext4fuse.

I would recommend to do the software installation with homebrew. This is a paketmanager for your Mac. To install it follow the instruction on Homebrew or just copy this command to your terminal press „Enter“

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

After the successful installation you can install Fuse by downloading the package from the project site FUSE for Mac then you have to install ext4fuse by tipping

brew install ext4fuse

in your Terminal window. Now everything is prepared to get access to your external HDD. First you have to find the device you want to mount. For this we us the command:

diskutil list

there you should get an output looking like this and you can find the „IDENTIFIER“ for the Harddrive we want to mount

Next thing is that we have to create a folder in which we want to set the mount point. In our example we create it in the system „tmp“ folder because this will be cleaned up after a reboot. The folder is called „Ext4HDD“ and you can do it by tipping following in your terminal

mkdir /tmp/Ext4HDD

Now you can mount the before identified disk „disk2s1“ to the new created folder

sudo ext4fuse /dev/disk2s1 /tmp/Ext4HDD/ -o allow_other 

You can now easy access the files by using the finder and browse the folder structure. If you want to unmount the device again please use following command

sudo umount /tmp/Ext4HDD/

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Missing Apple Mail templates


Apple has change the template options in the last Apple Mail versions.
They disabled the option ­čÖü So I searched for a new way to speed up my writings.
The easiest way is to use the replacement function. You can define keywords which will be replaced by the text you set.

Example: I replace „habi“ with „Happy Birthday“

This settings will be synced with all your iCloud devices. So you can easily use it on your iPhone too.


Apple hat in den letzten Version von Apple Mail die Vorlagen Option deaktiviert. Daher habe ich nach einem Weg gesucht, um meine Textverarbeitung etwas zu beschleunigen.
Der leichterste Weg ist ├╝ber die Text Ersetzung zu arbeiten.

Beispiel.: Ich ersetzte „agzg“ mit „Alles gute zum Geburtstag.“

Dieses Einstellungen werden mithilfe der iCloud auf alle Ger├Ąte synchronisiert und k├Ânnen auch am iPhone und iPad verwendet werden

System Settings -> Keyboard (Tastatur)
choose Text
with the Plus you can add new entries

Hier einige Vorlagen.:

agzgAlles gute zum Geburtstag
aiaWie besprochen das Angebot im Anhang.
m10Ich bin gerade in einem Meeting, melde mich in 10 min.
swSch├Ânes Wochenende
t10Ich bin gerade am Telefon melde mich in 10 min
vlgViele liebe Gr├╝├če
rrBitte um R├╝ckruf

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Mac System Integrity Protection Enable and Disable

How to Turn off System Integrity Protection in Mac OS X El Capitan and Mac OS X Sierra

1. Reboot your Mac
2. While booting press the CMD + R Key (hold it until you see the Apple logo)
3. On the top you will find the utilities menu there you can choose Terminal.
4. Now you can enable or disable the System Integrity Protection

# disable System Integrity Protection
csrutil disable
# enable System Integrity Protection
csrutil disable

5. After changing this you have to reboot the mac.


System Integrity Protection includes protection for these parts of the system:

  • /System
  • /usr
  • /bin
  • /sbin
  • Apps that are pre-installed with OS X

Paths and apps that third-party apps and installers can continue to write to include:

  • /Applications
  • /Library
  • /usr/local

(c) LINK Apple

Example error:
bash-3.2# cd /System/
bash-3.2# mkdir test
mkdir: test: Operation not permitted


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Mac APP – Mac Fan Control

Is your Mac getting too hot in the summer time?
Do you have an Apple MacMini and you would feel comfortable to turn on the fan a little bit more?
Then I would recommend the Software Macs Fan Control (LINK).

Why use it:
– better health for you hardware
– monitor temperature sensors


1. Download the Application and install it (Download LINK)

2. Now you can open the application and see the change the Control from Auto to Custom

(mehr …)

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Adobe Older Version

How to install older Adobe Product Versions with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Most Product can be downloaded to the Version CS 6.
For example here are the options you have for the product Adobe Photoshop: (20170610)
CC (2017) 18.1
CC (2017) 18.0.1
CC (2017) 18.0
CC (2015.5) 17.0.2
CC (2015.5) 17.0.1
CC (2015.5) 17.0
CC (2015) 16.0
CC (2014) 15.0
CC 14.0
CS6 13.0

First you have to download and install the Creative Cloud Application (LINK).
After the Login with your Adobe ID you can choose „All Apps“ in the Apps section. (See Screenshots)
There you will find the „View Previous Versions“ Section. -> Now you can download the older Versions.



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