Firewall throughput speedtest

I am a system integrator and often have the issue that the firewall throughput is slower than the manufacturer tells us. Here you can see the real results from some ZYXLE Firewalls.

DeviceTest ONETest TWOTest THREETest FOUR
USG 2023 MBytes106 MBytes21 MBytes17 MBytes
USG 20 VPN80 MBytes 110 MBytes72 MBytes50 MBytes
USG 6028 MBytes101 MBytes36 MBytes46 MBytes
USG 11040 MBytes105 MBytes57 MBytes58 MBytes
Click on the device name to get to the detailed reports

Definition of Test’s
all tests are made with iperf3

Test ONE
LAN 1 to LAN 2

Test ZWO
LAN 1 to LAN 1

LAN 1 to WAN

WAN to LAN 1 (with NAT and Firewall Rule)