Mobile number porting – wrong iMessage number

In the last weeks I had to migrate a mobile phone number from one provider to another one. The usual workflow is to get a „NÜV number“ from your old provider, go to your new one, sign a contract and get a „migration date“.

Usually you can walk out of the store with a new sim card and a temporary caller id given in the number range of your new mobile phone provider, which allows you to use all the included services from the first moment.

I highly recommend not to put the sim card in the cell phone. Not even to try if it´s working!

If you add the sim card to your iPhone, the system is recognising the card number and binding this number to the temporary caller id. After the „migration day“ your old caller id is working with the new sim card, but the Apple Services (iMessage, FaceTime) are only seeing the temporary caller id. You can check this in Settings -> Telephone -> my number. There is no way to change it except of changing the sim card.

It took me sometime to figure that out, and the support call centers of the cell phone providers are quick to blame the manufacturer and give you the advice to contact Apple. This problem cannot be fixed by Apple.

There are a lot of different solutions online which didn’t help me:

  1. go to settings>messages>send and receive
  2. tap on the Apple ID and sign out
  3. turn iMessage off and wait 10 seconds
  4. turn iMessage on
  5. this should activate iMessage with the iPhones own numbers
  6. now only you sign into the Apple ID for iMessage

Update your phone number:

  1. Go to Settings > Name, Phone Numbers, Email > Contactable At
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Enter your chosen number, using +44 instead of the first 0
  4. Tap Save

Reset iMessage settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages
  2. Toggle iMessage to OFF and then back to ON
  3. Once iMessage has been activated, scroll to Send & Receive to check if the right mobile number is ticked

Reset FaceTime settings:

  1. Go to Settings > FaceTime
  2. Toggle FaceTime to OFF and then back to ON
  3. Once FaceTime has been activated, scroll down and check if your mobile number is ticked under You can be reached by FaceTime at
vodafone UK

Go to SettingsApple IDName, Phone Numbers, Email

Tap Edit and select Add email or phone number. Add your new phone number and delete the old one. Then, restart your iPhone.

Go to SettingsMessagesSend & Receive.

Check if your new number is registered, if not – try turning off iMessages, wait a bit and turn it back on. After a short time, iMessages should be ready and your new number should be registered.

Source – Wrong number still showing in messages/texts/SMS after a port?

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