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Travel – Bad Kleinkirchheim

Welcome to a wonderful place in Carinthia For some years now, we’ve called Bad Kleinkirchheim our second home, and in that time, we’ve stumbled upon a handful of cherished spots – from secluded hiking trails to cozy restaurants – that we’re excited to share with you here. Join us as we peel back the layers of this charming town, revealing… Read more →

MikroTik Cheat Sheet

Just a short summery of some useful commands in combination with devices from MikroTik. SSH Key authentication To enable the ssh key authentication from your client and login without typing the password you can do following steps. (Linux / Mac) CLI add vlan to bridge With this cli command you can add vlan interfaces really fast. CLI change vlan tagged… Read more →

Zyxel SSH Login / automation

Introduction Automation has arrived everywhere and even on the many network switches you can do much more than it is currently being used. Following ideas are my base why to automate switches. @green production / reduce power consumptionYou can create an own network for employees mobile devices, and check when the last one left the wifi. Then turn off all… Read more →

IKEA Trådfri & Fibaro HC3

Basics Ikea has released their smart home system a few years ago. They are using ZigBee as communication protocol with their gateway. I have tested following devices in compatibility to the HC3. supported protocols Fibaro has implemented in their Home Center 3 a ZigBee support and up from the firmware version 5.111 you can add devices with the webgui. (Link)This… Read more →