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Synology LDAP import CSV

You can use an CSV File to import Users, passwords and description into your running LDAP. You have to take care about following things: UTF-8 CSV File Tab-separated values (for example: Microsoft Excel Tab delimited Text) delete the first line (if not it will also be imported as the first User) Parameters: Username Passwort Description Email Employee number Department Employee… Read more →

Synology LDAP + DokuWiki

This is a short tutorial to use the integrated Synology LDAP with the DokuWiki Plugin. This will give you the opportunity to have a central user management in your network. Install the „LDAP Auth Plugin“ in your DokuWiki and change following settings: Install the „chained auth plugin“ that you can login with the local authentication service and you LDAP Server.… Read more →

Zyxel USG Synology LDAP

If you have a Synology with the running LDAP Application you can use this to have a central user management. This will allow dedicated users to login into your Firewall or their services (VPN). First you have to download and install the LDAP package on your Synology and make sure that you have a fix IP Adress in your LAN.… Read more →