Synology LDAP + DokuWiki

This is a short tutorial to use the integrated Synology LDAP with the DokuWiki Plugin. This will give you the opportunity to have a central user management in your network.

Synology Auth. Settings
Base DN:dc=fileserver,dc=customer,dc=intern
Bind DN:uid=root,cn=users,dc=fileserver,dc= customer,dc=intern

Install the „LDAP Auth Plugin“ in your DokuWiki and change following settings:

LDAP Plugin by Andreas Gohr
Settings of your LDAP Plugin
$conf['title'] = 'Customer Wiki';
$conf['license'] = 'cc-by-sa';
$conf['useacl'] = 1;
$conf['authtype'] = 'authchained';
$conf['superuser'] = '@admin';
$conf['disableactions'] = 'register';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['server'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['usertree'] = 'dc=fileserver,dc= customer,dc=intern';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['grouptree'] = 'cn=groups,dc=fileserver,dc= customer,dc=intern';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['userfilter'] = '(&(uid=%{user})(objectClass=posixAccount))';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['groupfilter'] = '(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(|(gidNumber=%{gid})(memberUID=%{user})))';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['version'] = 3;
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['bindpw'] = ;
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['debug'] = 1;
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['modPass'] = 0;
$conf['plugin']['authchained']['authtypes'] = 'authplain:authldap';

Install the „chained auth plugin“ that you can login with the local authentication service and you LDAP Server. This can rescue if you have issues with your network. Then change following settings in the Admin/Configuration Settings:

Settings for „Chained authentication plugin“
Chained authentication plugin

Seperated list of authentication plugins in chaine, seperator is ":", e.g.: "authpam:authplain"

Authentication plugin from which the capabilities are retrieved, when no user is logged in, e.g.: "authplain"
Change the Authentication Setting to „authchained“

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