Synology Docker install ZABBIX Server with GUI

***** UPDATE 2021 ******
I wrote a new article to install the Zabbix Version 5.x -> please use the new one.
Synology Zabbix Docker with GUI Version 5.x
***** UPDATE 2021 ******

This manual will help you installing Zabbix Server in one Docker Container on your Synology by using the GUI.

  1. Install Docker (Package Center)
  2. Open Docker go to Registry and search for „zabbix-appliance“ the first hit should be: „zabbix/zabbix-appliance“ mark it and click on „Download“ choose the version you want to have. My default is ubuntu-4.4-latest
  3. Go to the Image section and choose your downloaded template click on „Launch“
  4. Choose the Container name you want to have and click on „Advanced Settings“
  1. Enable auto-restart
  1. Create the folder and link them in the section „Volume“
  1. Set the Ports you want to access the Zabbix installation
  1. Add the PHP Time Zone variable and change it to your location. In my case Europe/Vienna
  1. Apply all settings and the Container will start. This can take a long time. (on my DS918+ more than 30 Minutes)
  2. Now you can login to your Zabbix Installation using the ports we defined in Step 7. In my case <IP-Adress>:10050
    Username: Admin
    Passwort: Zabbix

Backup the Database:
The most important settings are all stored in the Database. The easiest and most secure way to save them is to export all the Data at a specific time and store them on the Synology Raid. Please do not forget to follow this help LINK

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