Archiware & Synology

You can use your Synology as an Archiware Server. This opens you a bright side of opportunities. Using it as a backup client or sync your Data to the device.

The stablest way to to this is not to mount the Synology Sharepoint’s on your Archiware Server. Instead use the „Clients“ function and install P5 on your Synology too. Then you can add it and direct attach the file directory. The Software will take care about user rights and everything what you do not want to care about 😉 .

If you want to do this you will search in the Synology Package Center and then only find an old Version of P5. But you can use the „manual install“ options in the interface to upload the awpstX.spk file what you have downloaded bevor from „Download Archiware

The Server and the Client have to have the same version number. After the first successful Installation you can update the client via the server.

Since the Version 6 the user rights management is not the same of the based OS. This means you have to login to you „client“ installation on your Synology and change the Password.

Default login credentials:
User: admin
Password: admin

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