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Roundcube Webmail Out of Office Message OOO

Login to your webmail (examples: webmail.mailserver.com, mailserver.com/webmail)
Use the same username and password like in your Mail Account configured.
If you don’t know your password anymore and you use a Mac you can use the Keychain (Application in the Utilitys Folder) to find your password again.


When you are logged in klick on the Preference Button (German „Einstellungen“)


Klick on „Filter“

And add a new Filter with the plus symbol

– Add Filter Name
– choose „all Messages“
– choose „answer with message“
– Add the message content
– Add the message subject
– click on „add all email adresses“
– save the filter


Check if the Filter appears in the filter list and if you get a „successful message“


If you want to deactivate the OOO again you have to give the tick at the bottom


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Mac APP – Mac Fan Control

Is your Mac getting too hot in the summer time?
Do you have an Apple MacMini and you would feel comfortable to turn on the fan a little bit more?
Then I would recommend the Software Macs Fan Control (LINK).

Why use it:
– better health for you hardware
– monitor temperature sensors


1. Download the Application and install it (Download LINK)

2. Now you can open the application and see the change the Control from Auto to Custom

(mehr …)

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ping with time and log


Download the ping.sh file. Unpack it and start it in with ./ping.sh (don’t forget to be in the right folder). The script will ping google (, if you do not change it in the script) and will create an „log“ file with the default name „tping“ in the same folder.

The output should look like this: (if you have a working connection to the host)
Mon Jun 12 12:17:41 CEST 2017: 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=46 time=28.139 ms

It will look like this if your connection is not working or the server could not be reached
Mon Jun 12 12:17:41 CEST 2017: Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

The ping time depends if you ping some device in your own network or in the internet.
If it is in the internet:
0-30 ms -> GOOD
30 – 80 ms -> OK
80-120 ms -> Mhhhhh
120 > -> go out and do something else 😉


Example Ping into the wan

If it is in you network (LAN – Cable)
0-15 ms -> GOOD
15-50 ms -> OK
50 ms > you should have a look why this is so slow (maybe your destination is under heavy network traffic or you are, or some device in between)

LAN – Cable Network

Example Ping in the local network

WLan – Wireless Network

Example Ping in the local network



Linux & Mac

Download File: ping.sh

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Install Virtual Box Guest Additions Debian 8 & 9

1. Insert Guest Additions CD image (Devices -> „Insert Guest Additions CD image …)
2. Open Terminal (at the guest) and get root (su root)
3. Update you Database and install the last updates

4.Install required packages and prepare the machine with

5. Find the device name of you CD Drive (in our Case sr0) using lsblk

6. Mount the Guest Additions CD


7. Go to the folder where you have mounted the Guest Additions CD (/media/cdrom) and start the installation by typing this

After this you should see following screen:

Reboot and you are done


VirtualBox Version
Version 5.1.18 r114002 (Qt5.6.2)
MacOSX Versions

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Adobe Older Version

How to install older Adobe Product Versions with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Most Product can be downloaded to the Version CS 6.
For example here are the options you have for the product Adobe Photoshop: (20170610)
CC (2017) 18.1
CC (2017) 18.0.1
CC (2017) 18.0
CC (2015.5) 17.0.2
CC (2015.5) 17.0.1
CC (2015.5) 17.0
CC (2015) 16.0
CC (2014) 15.0
CC 14.0
CS6 13.0

First you have to download and install the Creative Cloud Application (LINK).
After the Login with your Adobe ID you can choose „All Apps“ in the Apps section. (See Screenshots)
There you will find the „View Previous Versions“ Section. -> Now you can download the older Versions.



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